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Small Grants Scheme - Call for proposals 2022

Published Monday March 28 2022

Small Grants Scheme - Call for proposals


The Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to the Republic of Kosovo has at its disposal a fund for supporting micro-projects. This fund is intended for development activities implemented by registered non-governmental organizations, communities or cooperatives that aim at enhancing socio-economic development and improving living conditions.


The maximum single grant amount is 15,000 EUR and activities should be completed within 12 months from the time the project agreement is signed. There is no minimum amount or timeframe for these projects, so small-scale and short-term activities are also encouraged. Sustainability of the project is a key criterion for approval. Financial or in-kind contributions from the applicant will be considered an asset.


Project proposals should be submitted in writing and must include the following information:


-          A brief description of the project (no more than 5 pages) that includes the justification; objectives, outputs and activities; guarantees for sustainability;

-          A detailed budget that clearly shows the applicant’s own contributions (financial or in-kind) and other funding sources (if applicable).

-          A short description of the requesting organization (max. 1 page), including contact details; additional funding sources (past and current); and a list of previous activities and partners.


The Embassy of Luxembourg reserves its small grants fund for grassroots activities implemented by small-scale local organizations in the fields of education, socio-economic empowerment, human rights, culture, health or other relevant fields.  Please note that no studies, research papers or conferences will be financed.


Project proposals should be sent via email to: . The Embassy will communicate in a timely manner whether your proposal is receivable. The Embassy will not make any appointments unless a project proposal has been duly submitted and has been shortlisted in the first step of the application process.