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Kosovo and Luxembourg discuss key development reforms

Published Friday December 11 2020

The Office of the Prime Minister and the Embassy of Luxembourg in Kosovo organised the annual meeting of the Partnership Commission between Kosovo and Luxembourg. The meeting was organised virtually, through e-platforms.During the meeting, delegations discussed the progress and challenges in the implementation of Luxembourg’s assistance in Kosovo in the areas of health, vocational education and training, and EU integration within the framework of the bilateral agreement 2017-2020. Both parties agreed that the current Memorandum of Understanding between both countries will be extended until December 2021.

At the opening of the meeting, the head of the Kosovo Delegation, Mr Florim Canolli, Director of Development Cooperation Office, emphasised the need to strengthen ownership of donor support and establish joint expectations with development partners. He emphasised that “Luxembourg has continued to support Kosovo in many critical areas, and recently has been particularly supportive in the health sector. Kosovo is in the process of establishing a long-term development agenda, through a National Development Agenda which will set a vision for the next decade and we will cooperate closely with development partners to support Kosovo’s path towards sustainable economic development and EU integration”.

The head of the Luxembourg delegation, Mr Christophe Schiltz, General Coordinator for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs at Luxembourg’s Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs added: “Luxembourg is committed to its partnership with Kosovo, when it comes to bilateral development cooperation, including the fight against the current COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, Luxembourg is planning a prospective internal review of its development cooperation with Kosovo which will allow us to look back on the impact our programmes have had, assess their sustainability, as well as guide our future relationship with Kosovo”.  

During the Partnership Commission, considerable progress was made regarding the continuation of the current bilateral development projects in the three strategic areas of the cooperation, notably in the health and education sectors, and Kosovo’s path to European integration.

The next Partnership Commission between Luxembourg and Kosovo will take place in 2021.